LearnInTouch, connecting teachers with their learners

With LearnInTouch, learn and teach with your own elearning platform

Discover the tool
Do our demonstration exercise.

Try the tool with your own exercises !
Send us one or several exercises of yours, and we'll use them to prepare a customized demonstration.

Start simple
You will have a website offering one or several exercises. We could start by level assessment tests. You'll know about your visitors and will receive their test results in your mailbox. The quickest way to see LearnInTouch in action!

Improve the contact between your teachers and their participants
The school is instantly notified of any new contact and can engage its future participants in a playful way.

Language tests for your participants
Visiting participants can be offered online language exercises to assess their skills and advise them on a language course.


Simple for teachers
The school offers a ready to use course material to its teachers. A teacher can send lessons and exercises to his participants. The exercise results are automatically sent to the teacher freeing him from manual corrections.

Assist your participants
The participants are reminded in advance about their next lesson. They can review the lesson, do an exercise and see their results immediately. Ready to meet their teacher, they profit more from his teaching.

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